Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Could You Do With Your Own Business Card? What Could Students Do With Their Own Card?

The reason I ask is that every once in awhile I am reminded about how cool of a company and website "Vistaprint" is. I used to have business cards from Vistaprint and will likely order some this year. But after reading a counseling blog today, I started to wonder....how many ways could we use business cards? Maybe a teacher makes business cards with his/her website, email address, and hours available and hands them out to students or at conferences? Maybe, a teacher makes a business card more like a "reminder card" with things students need to know for class every week (one card could work for the whole year by having information like "Quizzes every Friday, spelling lists due every Tuesday, did you do your weekly spelling practice?" This could then be stapled into their planner or moved from week to week. Maybe you have students make business cards for someone famous, a historical figure, or make a card of what they learned about a project. I don't think you would have to even order them officially, you could just look at their creations and grade them. If you want to order, Vistaprint has a wide range of "free" products including a variety of business card designs to choose from. All you do is pay Shipping and Handling. The ideas are endless, let me know if you try one!

link to blog about using VistaPrint:

They even have a facebook page with more deals!

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