Monday, August 9, 2010

Let the Kids Use Facebook....for Historical Figures!

As I do this blog, I am always amazed at what a teacher could do with students, but overwhelmed by all of it. I think I found something very cool for students to do and very easy for the teacher to implement. I can just imagine how neat the students will think this idea is. I learned of a site (thanks Free Tech. for Teachers!) where students can make a fake FACEBOOK page for a historical figure (or even a current one I suppose). It is a template on Google docs where students just put in the information like their profile picture, who their friends would be, what some sample wall posts might be, their achievements, etc. HOW COOL IS THAT!! Can you imagine your students making a page for George Washington? JFK? Martin Luther King? This is a must idea somewhere in a curriculum and one the students will be talking about!

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