Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Search Engines for Students

I'm posting a link to a great resource from the blog "Free Technology for Teachers" by Richard Byrne. He has posted 7 different search engines that are safe and likely better for kids in our school to use when searching for factual and age-appropriate information. Feel free to try some of these. I have used the Sweet Search and the Wolfram Alpha searches before and had good successes in finding what I was looking for.

Link to Richard Byrne's blog:


  1. We're thrilled you've found Sweet Search helpful! Here's a link to a blog post that explains how we created it: http://bit.ly/WhySS

    You might also find useful our "Sweet Sites" for Middle School Students and Teachers:


    SweetSearch Biographies helps students find 1,000+ profiles of notable people:

    Lastly, SweetSearch2Day is our new page that features the best daily educational content on the Web in one spot:


    Mark Moran
    Founder & CEO
    Dulcinea Media

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the extra links. Those will be even more helpful for our teachers and hopefully other teachers who stop by this blog!