Monday, August 9, 2010

KidsTube: A Place to Post Student Videos Safely

Youtube is a great site, but it is public worldwide and some pretty crazy stuff gets on there. And who knows who looks at what on there and how it could come back to hurt you in some way if you post items to it. Maybe this is where KidsTube comes in. When I read their "About Us" portion of their website, I knew I could recommend this site to teachers. If you have students who want to videotape a project or something they do and post it, this might be a good place to post it. They can get good, constructive feedback and it is much safer. I don't know how exactly teachers could use this as I doubt teachers video many projects and later post them to a video site, but might just be a good site to recommend to students. They have weekly contests where students can make and upload videos to attempt to win prizes. Kind of a neat site, give it a look!

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