Monday, August 9, 2010

Google Docs can Translate to Over 50 Languages

Sometimes I don't know why I don't use sites like this more often. I should have used this site so many times last year, but sadly, I did not. Anyway, they have made some improvements and changes that have helped make the translator even better. But the gist of this tool is that you can upload any saved document to Google Docs and then go to "tools" and click translate and pick a language. I picked Spanish and very quickly had translated several documents to Spanish. You can then translate it back to English to see how well it got translated back and forth, but from reviews I have heard, when you translate it to Spanish, it makes pretty good sense. It is not perfect, but it would get your point across I assume. If you have students in your class that speak another language, you might consider using this site a lot! I have attached the blog from Free Technology for Teachers (Thank you Richard Byrne!) so you can see what he says about the tool. The link to Google Docs is in his blog. Enjoy!

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