Monday, August 23, 2010

140 Things We Are Trying This Year!

Well, not we as in Carlisle teachers, but we as in educators. Actually, I am just excited to have a working computer again after being without for 3 days!! Anyway, take a look at this blog entry at Free Technology for Teachers and the powerpoint that goes with it. This is a powerpoint made up of 140 ideas educators submitted when asked the question "What new things will you try this year?" If you are wondering, my idea is slide #60: Use my student/parent blog more, make and send more newsletters, and keep this blogsite going by posting lots of useful ideas related to technology and education. One thing I found in this slide show that was interesting was the web addresses of all of these educators. It might be valuable to view their site or Twitter account, just as much as reading what they said. Some teach the same things we do! Slides go quickly, but there are some good things mentioned. Enjoy!

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