Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shmoop: A Growing Study Guide Site

Thanks to Free Technology for Teachers, I have come across a site called "Shmoop". Currently, it has a lot of study guides that may be useful to language arts and writing/reading teachers, and maybe some for social studies as well, but as it grows, you should find some materials for science and math as well. I did some exploring and you can find a ton of information on topics like Shakespeare works, poetry, supply and demand economics, and much, much more! If you want students to have some extra information on a topic, this might be for them. The downside I can see is that the guides almost work like Cliff Notes at times and students may try to just read the study guides instead of the actual book. Anyway, a great site to at least look at. Who knows...maybe a great site for teachers to brush up on before they teach a topic and never tell the students about it!!


  1. Hi from Shmoop! Thanks for the post. Shmoop is all about inspiring love for literature, history, life... so you'll find that we help make topics more fun and relatable for students.

    We have materials for teachers, too. Check out our Teacher Resource Center ( to watch short videos of teachers who use Shmoop in the classroom. You'll also find more than 50 Teacher's Editions of our guides, which include classroom activities, quizzes, and more.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the extra info. Hopefully some of our teachers will give your site a try this year as it looks like it could really be useful in the school!