Monday, July 5, 2010

MovieClips can be Educational too!

When I was still teaching science, I used to add clips of Hollywood films into my powerpoint notes if I could find clips that showed a science principle, talked about science in the conversation or plot, or was simply a funny clip that got the kids going for the day. MovieClips is a site where I found a lot of these and now the site is rapidly updating their collection of clips plus allowing for you to make "mashups". Maybe you aren't so sure about how to do all of this....well, have your students play around with it and make a mashup of clips about a topic. I am unsure if this site works while at school though and unsure if all clips are "student-appropriate", but I do know a teacher could use some of these clips to introduce ideas or topics in class in a fun and interesting way. Have fun! (even if it is simply searching for your favorite movie clips and watching them in your free time!)

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