Thursday, July 22, 2010

Screenr can Help You Show Students Around the Web!

Or maybe even parents?!! I have placed a link to a Screenr screencast that I made to show you how it can helpful. In my screencast, I show parents a little bit about our school website and how to navigate around it. Some of our teachers used websites like this last year to make screencasts for students. Oh wait...what is a screencast? Well, my way of describing it is basically a way to record what websites you are on and how you are navigating them as well as being able to put your voice to your video so you can walk someone through what you are doing. I guess the best way to understand it to watch mine and then practice making your own.

Side note...I also used this site to record a screencast that showed my Mom how to use all the features of Facebook. :)

my screencast: (you may have to copy/paste this into your is not linking for me!)

website to try your own:

Thank you to Free Technology for Teachers for alerting me about this site!

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