Saturday, March 12, 2011

Popplet is a great Timeline or Presenation Making Site!

So...I had a blast playing around with this Popplet site. I have not used Prezi before, but I am thinking this is kind of similar to Prezi, maybe just a simpler form and a more basic form. Making my practice Popplet that you can view and play with below, I realized that Popplet might be a good site to make timelines, make notes using a web pattern, or do as a project to show learning of some sort. It was pretty easy to use. Grabbing and adding the pictures was a little tough because you couldn't just pull from the web without saving them first and uploading them. You could pull from Flickr though, so that might be an option. Either way, the site was super easy to use and kind of fun. I think students would catch on to this site right away.

Here is my Popplet:

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