Saturday, March 12, 2011

Corkboard: A Wall Where Students Can Post Their Thoughts and Answers

If you have tried Wallwisher and liked it, you will like Corkboard too. I have not used either in class, but I would like to try using one in class sometime. Corkboard also has a chat function where all viewers/users can chat as they either post to the board or work on other materials. What again would you use a site like this for? I see myself having students open up my class Corkboard page and as they work on their project, they can post questions, thoughts, concerns, or anything else that comes to mind to the board. I can post answers to their questions and the whole class can see these answers. Unlike a verbal answer, my written "post-it" answer is always visible right on their screen. Hmmm....makes me think of the many possibilities sites like this offers. I guess I simply need to test it out. (As I type, I am thinking about a corkboard for parents that I could send to them and see if they post their answers or questions). Lots of possibilities.....

Give it a try and make your own Corkboard by clicking here! Here is mine:

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