Sunday, October 31, 2010

Type Notes on a Webpage to Help Students or Parents See Key Items!

Another great tool that I found.....Webklipper. Using this site, you can put your comments on any webpage or highlight any material and then save it. Your new webpage will look the same as the original, only now it will have your comments and highlights saved on it. This would be great for students to show you what they learned: they can highlight the online article they are reading. Or maybe they can put sticky notes on the website to show you what they have learned. Can you imagine putting an animal picture on there and having students label the parts? So many uses, it boggles my mind! Anyway, here is the site where you can get started, very simple! After the site, I placed another link which is where I sticky-noted and highlighted my blog site just to show you how you could use this Webklipper tool.

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  1. Glad that you liked the product! We are releasing a newer version on the 15th of November and I am sure you'll find it far more simpler and intuitive to use. Thanks for the mention.