Saturday, October 30, 2010

Put Powerpoints Online

I recently used SlideShare to put a presentation for my Dad's retirement online. Pretty cool. Didn't have to worry about saving it, about if the presentation computer was compatible with my format, etc. Just post it online and present at my Dad's retirement party (but you have to have Internet). Once online, many of these sites let you add your own audio and voice. Basically, you can record your notes to your presentation and hit play....maybe a great idea if you are gone and a sub is in charge? Other than that, this is another place where students can put their powerpoints and share with others. I am going to have my students put their Inspirational Person powerpoints online for all to see and for me to grade.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo and his Websites of the Day for this monster list of websites where you can post powerpoint presentations online.

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