Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cube Creator and Other Great Activities for Reading and Writing

Thank you to Richard Byrne and his blog site Free Technology for Teachers, I now am able to share some great activities from Read Write Think when it comes to reading and writing. But I want to specifically mention Cube Creator as it is very simple to use and such a good book review tool. I was able to make a Book Cube in under 3 minutes and could have printed it and cut it out and folded it into my own cube. You can also choose create your own cube which means the possibilities are endless. I have had students make a "Me Cube" before in my Guidance class where each side of the cube needs to tell the class something about themselves or their life.

  Besides Cube Creator, there are 4 other great activities/tools that Mr. Byrne has blogged about. So give those a try to and see which ones might work in your curriculum the best. Good luck!

Cube Creator click here!

5 Read Write Think Tools by Richard Byrne click here!

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