Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple But Great Math Site for All Ages

  Came across a math site called A+ Click Math Skills Test and really, really thought it could be useful to parents and teachers. Did some playing around with a math practice site that I came across, mainly to see if my own kids could use it. Not only did I figure out that my kids could use it, but I figured out that our own middle school and high school kids could use it. I randomly tried some 11th grade problems and REALLY struggled. I guess I am not as smart as I thought I was! My favorite feature is that it lets you move up a grade level after 4-6 correct answers in a row and if you choose to move up, the questions immediately get harder. This isn't a game site and some kids may not have fun with it, but this is a great practice site with lots of questions and when a student gets the incorrect answer, it shows the correct answer with solution to explain why it is the correct answer. And lots of pictures and diagrams to get the students thinking and understanding.

A+ Click Math Skills Test site click here!

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