Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Great Screenshot Tool for Google Chrome Users

I know not many of you use Google Chrome as your browser (I think you should...I love mine!), but in case you do or in case you are thinking of switching to Google Chrome from Firefox or Internet Explorer, here is a great screenshot tool. It installs at a tiny tool icon up on your browser and you can click on it at any time and it will take a picture of your screen or the whole website. Then you can mark arrows, boxes, type, etc. Then you can save it to your computer or save it as a separate website. You could load this website for students, send it to parents, or even send it to teachers who want to see what you are doing or how to navigate a website. I love taking screenshots of online grades and sending them to parents to note something that is missing or that needs to be done. Also very easy to send to parents if they are wondering about a website for class. See below for the name of the two screenshot tools that I use, I think I like the new one, the 2nd one listed, better already.

Awesome Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot

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