Saturday, October 29, 2011

Speak It: Turn any Online Text into Spoken Word

Wow, very cool add on to Google Chrome. But the key here is that you have to be using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. I love Google Chrome and it is all that I use. I especially love some of the Apps and Add-ons that you can add, especially this new one called "Speak It". After a quick 1-minute install, I now have a little microphone up in the right corner of my screen. Anytime I want text on the Internet read to me, I just highlight the selection and click the microphone. And it reads it to me!! For students who don't read as well, they could highlight and click the speaker to hear what the site has to say. You could also read a whole website or article to your students in a whole class setting. The female/computerized voice would get old after awhile, but for new readers or struggling readers, this could really, really help. Try Google Chrome and try Speak It...I love it!

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