Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Google+: Something We Need to Explore and Learn About This Year

So I joined Google+ about as early as I could, but have not done much with it since. Wait, what is Google+? Think of Facebook with a better way to protect what you share and who share it with. This is why many early reviews think Google+ might be great for educators and education as a way for students and teachers to interact online and use a network to operate portions of class online. My early research on it got me very excited about the endless possibilities, but I have a feeling it will take a year of research and planning before I will be ready to do anything with it. One way I plan to research Google+ is through reading some blogposts about it and a great source of many of these entries comes with thanks to Larry Ferlazzo and his Websites of the Day. Thanks, Larry! When you get a moment, check out some of the readings about Google+ and its capabilities and then once you get started, check out some of the great tips. Good luck and feel free to "follow" me on Google+ and add me to your educators' Circle!

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