Saturday, April 23, 2011

TED videos are great, now you can find the best in one spot!

I admit it, I love TED videos. But the good news is that millions of other people do as well. They are one of the most shared videos (besides Youtube) on the web. And the best part is they are all 20 minutes long or less. Even my students have enjoyed some of the TED videos. I just wish I knew which ones were the best. Now, I do. Using this website I am posting about, you can see which TED videos are shared the most or viewed the most, which likely means they are the best of the best. I have to admit, I have seen most of the ones that have been shared because I have tried watching the "best of the best" before. But some are new and I am excited to watch those. So, what good are these videos to you? Well, mostly, they are good to watch and make you think about our world and our lives. But some are good for students too. Watch a couple and you will be addicted too. They are great short videos to watch before bed or to start the day. Have fun!

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