Saturday, February 19, 2011

CoSketch....Online Whiteboard That All Can Share

I started playing around with CoSketch after reading about it in a blog. I'm not sure if I like it yet, what the uses could be, or how it could be used, but I think it has some possibilities. If you made a CoSketch for a class and put it in your favorites, students could all log on to the CoSketch site and that would be the classes white board. I could really see this being cool if every student was at a computer because they could write their answer or practice and it would show up on the "white board" on everyone's computer screen. But in rooms without a computer per student, I don't see it working too well. One other application I could see is for a teacher to put practice problems on his/her CoSketch board and then tell the students the website to go to. Then, at home, if they get stuck or need help, they can look at the teacher's example on the "white board" from home. Hmm....that could be interesting I guess. So, there are a few options to use with this CoSketch tool. Give it a try and see what works.

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