Monday, September 6, 2010

Can't Use Youtube? Try these other 47 Sites

Thank you again to Richard Byrne and his blog Free Technology for Teachers, we can now all try the many options when Youtube is blocked, doesn't work, or does not cooperate. In a recent blog, he lays out 47 options to Youtube. I have used some before and they do work well. However, with Youtube not blocked on our laptops and the ability to use another site to cut clips or show just the video and not the ads and comments to the side, I still prefer Youtube. Click below to see the 47 other video sites or click on the other parts to view past blogs of mine that show you how to use Youtube better.

Want to show just the video on Youtube and not the junk around the sides? Click here!

Want to show only a portion of a Youtube video? Splice the play the part you here to learn more

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